About Us

T.E.L.L. Software Hungária Kft. was founded to create innovative products based on GSM mobile technology.

The dynamically expanding T.E.L.L. corporate group is proud to have four companies in Hungary now and one subsidiary in Romania. More than 100 colleagues and a trustworthy subcontractor system ensure that the manufacturing, developing and service-providing standards of TELL can take aim at reaching the highest possible level.

The main profile of the parent company, T.E.L.L. Software Hungária Kft., continues to be development and manufacturing, within the framework of which mostly products based on mobile communication and IP technology are being realized.

The devices manufactured by TELL are distributed and placed on the Hungarian market by T.E.L.L. Biztonságtechnikai Rendszerek Kft. (T.E.L.L. Security Systems Ltd.) through its inland sales team.

The third pillar of the corporate group is T.E.L.L. Rendszerszolgáltatások Kft. (T.E.L.L. System Services Ltd.), providing complex fleet management services via easyTRACK, a tracking system developed by our own company, now to the satisfaction of nearly 2,500 companies of logistics and commerce.

TELL pays particular attention to adaptation to ever-changing customer requirements, therefore its developments are carried out in line with these demands. In order to be able to meet these requirements, another member has been added to the corporate group. As from 2016, with the active participation of T.E.L.L. Műszaki Fejlesztő Kft. (T.E.L.L. Technical Development Ltd.) developments can proceed at a quicker pace and individual customer requirements can be met with greater efficiency.

The devices of TELL appear in many fields of both private and business sectors. We supply our partners with well-scalable systems, which open up the opportunity for satisfying a wide range of demands, from one-site remote monitoring stations to complex multi-site remote monitoring service-providers even covering several regions of our country. Our product-offers include all system elements necessary for providing remote monitoring services, from end-point devices to the receiving software.

Thanks to continuous development and business activities, TELL products are already present in more than 30 countries. A great number of small and medium-sized domestic and international companies, as well as several expressly great organizations warrant that our systems are essential chains of company resource management and provide effective support for the monitoring, controlling and logistical tasks of different technical solutions.

A decade of experience in development and manufacturing, as well as the strive for continuous renewal serve as a guarantee for our customers to get innovative and reliable solutions of a high technical standard.

Our enterprise is open to implementing the individual needs of its partners. The flexible, innovative product development and the careful technical support on our side provide a solid basis for long-term cooperation.

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