TEX MVP server

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  • Product ID
  • Package size
    723x595x200 mm
  • Package weight
    13.15 kg

Main features:

  • GPRS connection supervision
  • LAN and WAN connection supervision
  • Event logging in database
  • MVP client software for event reception
  • Redundancy server option

Technical data:

  • Robust, industrial design
  • Unix based system
  • 128 bits encryption
  • 2 network adapters
  • IP connection to the client PC

Characteristics of the server:

  • Easy configuration on graphical web surface, and easy tracing of system status and event traffic
  • Possibility for realization of complex multi-site alarm monitoring solutions using the configurable client groups 
  • Advanced security by installing the server in server hotel: the monitoring stations receive the events through the internet using client softwares, this way in case of internet failure on the monitoring station side, the events can be forwarded to a backup monitoring station
  • Filtered and directed event forwarding towards monitoring stations (e.g. forwarding of service and alarm events separately, to the corresponding monitoring stations) 
  • The serial communication protocol of the MVP client software towards the monitoring PC corresponds to the conventional switched line receiver’s communication, by this means it is ready to be inserted into an existing monitoring system
  • Significantly increased signal density and support of numerous terminal equipments (4000 pieces / TEX MVP server)
  • Bidirectional communication, GPRS device status display
  • Possibility for remote programming of connected GPRS devices

Technical specification

  • Supply voltage
    230V AC
  • Dimensions
    438 x 554 x 45 mm
  • Weight
    11 kg

Reception options

  • Forwards received signals through local RS232 port
  • Forwards received signals through the Internet to remote client software
  • Signal reception via IP
  • Report reception on several distant sites using client software
  • Receives signals from TELL GPRS communicators with unique (TEX) protocol

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  • TEX_MVP_Server_v5-3-469_Central_EN_Manual_05-07-2010.pdf
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  • MVPort_v1-96c.exe
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