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  • Package size
    307x277x116 mm
  • Package weight
    2.15 kg

Remote monitoring IP receiver for receiving reports from TELL-made SIA IP and TEX communicators.

  • Standalone remote monitoring IP receiver based on TELLMon protocol standard
  • Compatibility with TEX and TELLMon protocols
  • Optional 3G or 4G modem (direct connection with communicators through private APN)
  • Reliable and stable Linux-based operating system
  • Data transfer function over serial port: when being fitted into an existing system, TELLMon is capable of forwarding the communication of other connected receivers towards the alarm monitoring software (transparent data forwarding)
  • Simple and clear graphical interface, which can be accessed remotely for configuration and monitoring as well
  • Capable of receiving reports  from even up to 2000 communicators simultaneously
  • Compact, quiet, durable, with low power consumption

Application area:

  • Central monitoring stations, remote monitoring

Technical specification

  • Supply voltage
    230 VAC / 12 VDC
  • Dimensions
    190x218x64 mm
  • Weight

Reception options

  • 4G connection
  • 3G connection
  • Forwards received signals through local RS232 port
  • Signal reception via IP
  • Receives signals from TELL GPRS communicators with unique (TEX) protocol
  • Receives signals from TELL SIA IP communicators

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  • tellmon 1.8.6
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