GSM Gate Control 200

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GSM-based remote control for electric gates and barriers

Main features:

  • Control of relays with free phone call
  • 200-user variant
  • Sending SMS on the state change of the 4 contact inputs
  • Programmable through USB, SMS or GSM data call
  • Large event memory

Technical data:

  • Transmission frequency:
    GSM 900/1800 MHz
  • Supply voltage:
    9-24 VDC, 16-30VAC
  • Current consumption:
    Nominal: 120mA
    Maximum: 500mA
  • Operating temperature:
    -20°C - +70°C
  • Dimensions:
    84 x 72 x 32mm
  • Weight: 200g

Characteristics of GSM Gate Control:

  • Control (open / close) of electric gates and barriers with free GSM call using phone number recognition
  • Notification about the malfunctions of the gate in SMS: 
    • Blocking of the photocell
    • Force opening of the barrier housing
    • Barrier arm or gate jam
  • Control (open / close) can be performed only from the authorized phone numbers set in the module, or unlimited from any phone number, depending on the setting
  • Selectable control mode depending on the type of the gate

Advantages in comparison with radio control:

  • Control from cellular phone without any different unit
  • No radio interference, no accidentally opened gate
  • Possibility of registering up to 200 users with permission granting (e.g. entry prohibition out of working hours)
  • Stores last 2000 events with identification of users and opening time
  • Event log can be remote downloaded (through GSM data call), printed and stored electronically
  • Notifies in SMS message and logs if the gate remains open or the photocell is blocked
  • There is no distance limit

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  • Gate_Control_200_v2-20_EN_Manual_08-02-2010
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  • GSM_Gate_Control_1000_v2.6.12.65_Setup.exe
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  • GSM_GATE_Control_v220(1000)_2009_01_27_200-1000.TFW
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  • BootloaderX22 firmware upgrade instructions (EN)
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  • BootloaderX22 EN firmware upgrade utility
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