Diesel Sensor (100cm)

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Product Models:

  • Package size
    1050x200x75 mm
  • Package weight
    1.20 kg

Optional capacitive digital fuel level measuring probe for easyTRACK II modules, for diesel-powered vehicles

  • Makes available reports and monitoring of fuel level, refueling, fuel consumption and fuel drainage on the easyTRACK web interface
  • Has to be installed in the vehicle's fuel tank
  • The needed length can be obtained by cutting the tube when installing
  • Standard length: 100cm
  • Cable and protecting tube length: 7m
  • Casing protection: IP68
  • Recommended for fuel level monitoring of vans, trucks and machinery

Application area:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management

Technical specification

  • Dimensions
    1025x36x41 mm
  • Weight


  • easyTRACK II BASE Connectivity
  • easyTRACK II FULL Connectivity
  1. What does the capacitive probe mean?

    The capacitive probe is a tube capacitor, which linearly changes its capacitance when the fluid (gas) level changes inside.

  2. Why is the capacitive probe better than the flow measure and than the CAN bus system?

    The advantage for the capacitive probe is, that we can continuously monitor the actual contents of the tank.

    The flow measure can only measure the amount of fuel entering the engine, so you can only check the possible imposition from the tanking accounts and the consumption data.

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  • Diesel Sensor F for easyTRACK II modules Manual EN 22-11-2016
    2016.11.22 510.31 KB Download
  • Diesel Sensor D for easyTRACK F modules Manual EN 07-09-2011
    2011.09.07 324.87 KB Download
  • Diesel Sensor Calibrator v2-05 for easyTRACK II modules
    2013.05.08 1.14 MB Download
  • Diesel Sensor Calibrator v1-23 for easyTRACK F modules
    2012.02.14 1.36 MB Download
  • Diesel Sensor CE
    2012.11.16 613.50 KB Download
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