IP Bridge PRO

Complex communicator, which offers a solution for connecting alarm systems to monitoring stations. It can be used as a standalone reporting device, or even as an IP-based control device. IP Bridge makes it possible to remotely configure alarm control panels and assures communication between devices with RS232 interface over the Internet.

On top of the functionalities of the standard model, the PRO model can be used in IT systems for router supervision, or as an IP-based control device with IP camera support.

Product Models

TELL IP Bridge PRO - 3G.IN6.R6
IP Bridge PRO - 3G.IN6.R6
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TELL IP Bridge PRO - IN6.R6
IP Bridge PRO - IN6.R6
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TELL IP Bridge PRO - 3GA.IN6.R6
IP Bridge PRO - 3GA.IN6.R6
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