Adapter2 PRO

Adapter2 enables installing an alarm system where no landline is available, but reporting to a monitoring station is required. A general emergency signalling device for elderly people and people in need of nursing, activated by simply picking up the receiver of the connected landline phone device.

Product Models

TELL Adapter2 PRO - 2G.IN4.R1
Adapter2 PRO - 2G.IN4.R1
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TELL Adapter2 PRO - 3G.IN4.R1
Adapter2 PRO - 3G.IN4.R1
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TELL Adapter2 PRO - 4G.IN4.R1
Adapter2 PRO - 4G.IN4.R1
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TELL Adapter2 PRO - WiFi IN4.R1
Adapter2 PRO - WiFi IN4.R1
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