Version 3.6.0 of the Gate Control PRO Admin mobile application has recently been released

The new version is available for both Android and iOS.

Bug fixes – Android:

  • Full update of the multiplatform framework
  • Bug fixes in connection with permission changes
  • Correction of the breakdown while selecting the background
  • Applying theme color for the output control buttons in the status menu
  • Text clarifications, translation corrections
  • Correction of visualization colors, improved readability
  • Bug fix while setting time for a new timed control
  • Bug fixes of the registration process requiring approval 
  • Fixed the bug occurring while declining a registration request
  • Fixed the bug occurring while accepting a registration request
  • Correction of visualization output control status change
  • Fixed the bug in data query without password during registration in SMS
  • Fixed the bug of a blank screen occurring after stopping the display of the camera image
  • Displaying the version and translation ID in the About tab correctly
  • Stopped displaying the control mode that is not updated on status side
  • Loading time reduction

Bug fixes – iOS:

  • Obligatory WebView update in December 2020
  • iOS 14 support
  • e-SIM management correction
  • Clarification of texts, translation corrections
  • Correction of the error message about an output control outside the period of the entry scheme
  • Bug fix of data query without password during the registration process in SMS
  • The entry fields for accepting a user were hidden by the keyboard
  • Bug fixes of the application form for registration when filled out manually
  • Bug fixes of permission changes
  • In case of a registration process requiring approval, the app was added only after an application restart
  • Correction of app crash after clicking on the email address in the About tab
  • Displaying the control mode that is not updated has been terminated on status side
  • Reduction of load time