Under voltage lock out (UVLO) function

We are pleased to inform our customers that our products will be expanded with under voltage lock out (UVLO) function.

This function may extend the lifetime of the backup battery, as well as operational safety of the entire system.

If the supply voltage drops below the factory-set lower threshold, the module turns off automatically. It turns back on when the supply voltage restores and reaches at least the factory-set upper threshold.

Depending on the product type, the lower voltage threshold is set to a value between 8.2-8.6V DC and the upper voltage threshold is set between 11.2-11.6V DC.

The minimum supply voltage level required to turn on the module is the upper voltage threshold. After turned on with supply voltage higher than this value, the module can operate stably even at lower supply voltage, but not lower than the lower voltage threshold.

Our products which are provided with the under voltage lock out function are provided with the following marking: