TELL Control Center mobile application – new version

Version 1.7.0 of the TELL Control Center mobile application has recently been released.

This version contains several bug fixes, allowing the product to run smoothly. Furthermore, device communication has been transferred to request API.

This version contains the following bug fixes:

  • Introduction of request API
  • Request API: Correction of the active URL setting
  • Setting the number of retries in request API
  • Correction of SSL encryption in request API
  • Handling and localizing the request API error codes
  • Introduction of Firebase analytics
  • Crashes have been resolved when receiving push notifications
  • Correction of output index variables after loading the status interface
  • Displaying the last known status in Android offline mode
  • Changing the logic when awaiting reply for RTSP player
  • Displaying the charging screen until loading the camera image for RTSP player
  • Introduction of the Czech localization
  • Correction of displaying the application icon
  • The problem of reserved slot messages has been resolved (in case of an offline device)
  • The problem of displaying a false „Communication failed” error message has been resolved
  • The error in output control has been corrected