Programming software version 8.2.0 and firmware version 8.03.0 of Gate Control BASE, Gate Control PRO and Gate Control PRO WiFi have recently been released.

The exact versions:

  • Programming software: 8.2.0 4665
  • Gate Control BASE and PRO firmware: 8.03.0 8173
  • Gate Control PRO WiFi firmware: 8.01.4 8173

The firmware [FW] and the programming software [SW] contain the following developments, modifications and bug fixes: 

  • SIMCOM A7682 modem support [FW]
  • More precise handling of SIM cards without mobile Internet [FW] 
  • Improved handling of VoLTE if APN is not set [FW] 
  • Discontinue the use of RTC [FW] 
  • Improved handling of VoLTE and FOTA [FW] 
  • Option to enable/disable VoLTE [SW] 
  • Introducing FOTA modem update [SW] 
  • Bug fix – Under certain circumstances, the QR code button was not available in the Mobile devices menu after reading the users from the device [SW]