Programming software (SW) version 7.2.1 3829 and firmware (FW) version 7.04.0 8138 of Pager4, Pager4 PRO and Pager4 WiFi have recently been released.

The firmware and the programming software contains the following developments, modifications and bug fixes:  

  • SIMCOM A7682 modem support (FW)
  • No reconnection attempts to VoLTE in case of blank APN settings (FW) 
  • Audio file upload bug fix (FW & SW) 
  • Option to enable/disable VoLTE in case of the Quectel LTE modem (SW) 
  • FOTA modem update if needed (SW) 
  • Improving input sensitivity (SW) 
  • Bug fix for displaying the uptime of the WiFi device (SW) 
  • Fixing breaks in status monitoring (SW) 
  • Bug fix for IP uptime polling of the WiFi device (SW) 
  • Automatic network selection bug fix (SW) 
  • Bug fix - the device password could not be deleted in the device register (SW)