Pager4/Pager4 PRO with new firmware and programming software

Version 7.02.2 of the firmware contains the following developments and bug fixes: 

  • Alarm acknowledgement in SMS
  • Counters are missing in status in case of remote connection
  • Demand on setting the module name
  • Modification of SMS-commands
  • WiFi-version WiFi-chip FW-modification
  • Improved sound quality in 2G-version
  • More successful 2G DTMF signal transmission
  • Stability of 4G-calls
  • Improved sound quality in 4G-version
  • Correction in changing date/time
  • Incorrect factory settings at restore
  • Unnecessary restart when writing/reading remote connections
  • Forwarding text messages containing doubled or accent letters incorrectly
  • Improved stability of output control
  • Improved support of 2G-modem cards
  • Time setting remains the same after restart in case of a time synchronization on PC
  • If the module cannot synchronize the system time, it still sends sms and initiates calls

Version 7.2.0 of the programming software contains the following developments and bug fixes:


  • MVP.Next support
  • Integration of device name
  • Displaying the counter in case of remote connection
  • Programming software disconnection optimization
  • Handling special characters due to the module register
  • Possibility to add quick links to the desktop
  • Possibility to store passwords
  • Introduction of module register


  • Modification of handling sound files (delete, reading the name when uploaded)
  • Expansion of CID-codes (service events)
  • Reading the events can be stopped
  • Specification of the file operation surface control

Bug fixes:

  • Preparations for MVP.Next
  • Bug in debug log query
  • Saving/loading settings through remote access
  • Bug fix in filling out CID-code
  • Cancelling event log loading – bug fix
  • The problem of identical input event names has been fixed
  • Formal error of the events low supply voltage and restore
  • Start after installing the programming software – bug fix
  • Query of system events when connecting remotely
  • Improved functioning of the programming software during reading
  • There is an exception when starting the programming software, in case there is a non-existent device ID in the module register
  • Bug fix at installation in German language