Pager4 – with new firmware and programming software

A new firmware and a new programming software version of Pager4 have recently been released.

Firmware version: 7.2.0

Programming software version: 7.0.2

New functions of the programming software:

  • Possibility to update a device of a lower main version with a programming software of a higher main version
  • In case of using WiFi possibility to try again after network search failed
  • Showing cloud usage in status
  • Displaying signal strength value more clearly

Bug fixes of the programming software:

  • WiFi search process has been improved
  • Deleting multiple phone numbers did not work correctly
  • In case of the WiFi version, the switch for cloud usage will not be displayed in the future
  • Options and intervals of supervision messages became simpler
  • It is not possible to switch between menus when displaying process
  • Fixed a bug when upgrading from v6 to v7
  • Correction in saving settings
  • Loading data of devices connected via USB in the module register
  • Buttons for arming/disarming and output control are available even if connected remotely
  • Filtering forbidden characters when saving the module register
  • Importing the module register database has been improved
  • The programming software does not record the input control by the IN6R1 impulse
  • The error message of an invalid config file has been modified
  • Only 4 text messages or phone calls could be set for the notifications of service events

Bug fixes of the firmware:

  • Correction of flash handling in GSM version
  • Recovery of damaged flash content in WiFi version
  • Correction of USB communication
  • Deleting voice messages after factory reset
  • Correction of the firmware update from v6 already released
  • Voice call support with 3-digit phone numbers
  • WiFi scan optimization

New functions of the firmware:

  • Possibility to configure the DNS server
  • Sending the dB/RSSI to the programming software