NEW: ecoLINE PRO in the TELL product portfolio

We are happy to present a new product in our product portfolio.

The programming software of ecoLINE PRO contains the following new functions:

  • AT-logging option has been implemented in the programming software
  • Displaying system partition status in the programming software
  • Displaying SIM lock
  • Name of the user that performs control with the mobile application in the event log
  • Button for output control testing
  • Menu items without logging in
  • Disconnection
  • Remote firmware and remote programming software

The programming software contains the following modifications:

  • Incoming sms message is not visible in the event log
  • The servers are inversely displayed in status monitoring
  • If someone logs in as superadmin, they will not be asked for the old password when changing the installer password
  • Mobile application PIN code permission – programming software
  • Error in displaying supervision messages shorter than 60 s by TEX connections
  • Introduction of the name ecoLINE PRO
  • Icon and splash change

The firmware contains the following bugfixes:

  • The saved file cannot be loaded
  • All data are displayed when connecting without USB password
  • Incorrect display of failed events by the programming software
  • The icon Save in file has been changed in the module register
  • The tooltips for signal transmission are displayed incorrectly in the event log

The firmware contains the following modifications:

  • Preloaded cfg data md5 has changed, the compatible programming software is v1.0.0.921