GSM Gate Control 1000 - new programming software

New programming software has been released for the GSM Gate Control 1000 module.

The new software (v2.6.12.65) and the release notes are available at the product's downloads.

Features of the new software:

  • Windows 8.x compatibility (the former versions required separate installation of the FTDI drivers for Win8.x OS, and the COM port had to be added manually each time to establish the connection. This version includes the latest FTDI drivers which are compatible with Win8.x as well, and in case of Win8.x the software already identifies the serial ports and detects the connected module automatically)
  • GM-900 modem compatibility (the former programming software have misidentified the GM-900 modem as Gate Control device. This failure has been fixed in the actual version, thereby the GM-900 modem is already suitable for remote programming of Gate Control 1000 devices)
  • Multilanguage user interface (language can be selected using the drop-down menu placed in the lower right corner of the software window)
  • Improved stability (faster uploading and downloading)