Gate Control PRO Admin mobile application – new version

Version 3.5.0 of the Gate Control PRO Admin mobile application has recently been released.

This version contains several bug fixes, allowing the product to run smoothly. One of the most important bugfixes is handling lost internet connection during gate opening correctly.

This version contains the following bug fixes:

  • Introduction of Firebase analytics
  • Correction of the error message about a user with an already existing name
  • Error correction for saving a scheduled control schema
  • The application crashed during setting the scheduled control
  • Linguistic elements for restricting gate opening have been added
  • Correction of a logical error when protecting the application with a password
  • Correction of the white background displayed during registrations with a QR-code
  • Setting the time parameter in the scheduled control was not consequent
  • The possibilities for loading the event log and the users were unclear
  • Restricting re-openings did not work for widgets
  • A wrong error message was displayed when trying to add a new user in the application, after the maximal number of users had been reached.
  • Android 10: the module control buttons were hidden by the navigation bar of the phone
  • Error correction for application crash when setting date (scheduled controls / access templates)
  • Missing language elements in German and in Swedish have been added
  • Restrictions for gate opening have been implemented
  • The problem of endless loading on the status screen (offline devices) has been corrected