Dualcom – firmware v3.04.0 and programming software v3.4.0

Firmware version 3.04.0 and programming software version 3.4.0 of Dualcom have recently been released.

The firmware contains the following developments:

  • Displaying communication errors with output control (event can be set)
  • Improved management of internal memory
  • Displaying the type of mobile network

The firmware contains the following bug fixes:

  • TELLMon firmware update TFTP fix
  • Improved management of internal TELLMon functions
  • Stopping test report sending has been fixed
  • Improved management of SIM B PIN-code

The programming software contains the following developments:

  • Adjusted management of MVP.next in the programming software
  • Displaying MVP.next device list in the programming software
  • Possibility to parameterize the display of a communication error
  • Displaying action details
  • Base functioning has been improved (data are deleted when logging out)
  • Improved quick access (Shortcut)
  • Password management for quick access
  • Introduction of module register
  • MMTool 1.1.0 (533) in the installer

The programming software contains the following modifications and bug fixes:

  • Handling special characters in the module register
  • Improved status mpnitoring in connection with displaying data
  • Error in supervision message interval after firmware update has been fixed
  • Displaying voltage in input fields has been fixed
  • Bug fix when importing – missing CID
  • Bug fix in exporting
  • Displaying ICCID in the module register – bug fix
  • Displaying data connection in case of SIM A – bug fix