Changes in Google Cloud Messaging

We wish to inform you that after 11 April, 2019, sending push notifications through Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) will be unavailable.

You can only send push notifications in the recent Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) version.

In connection with this change, TELL is announcing their FCM-based mobile applications. The TELL Cloud server is going to be upgraded as well.

What should you do in connection with the changes?

Because of this software change, you will not be able to receive push-notifications in older mobile applications. Therefore, updating your mobile application to the latest version is very important. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of our services in the future as well.

IOS devices are also affected by this change, thus we kindly ask you to update your mobile application to the latest version regularly.

 Should you have any questions in connection with the changes, feel free to contact us!