Adapter2 and Adapter2 PRO with new firmware version

Version 7.03.0 contains the following modifications and bug fixes:

  • Automatic call termination (30 min)
  • Improved Flash handling
  • Possibility to configure the DNS server
  • Cloud connection is automatically enabled in case of a WiFi device
  • Improved handling of 3-digit phone numbers
  • Device name integration

Bug fixes:

  • Improved USB communication
  • Bug fix of the simulated line of the alarm system (recorded but does not communicate after restart)
  • Factory installation: sound files are deleted as well
  • Improved server settings (the 4. server of remote monitoring is forgotten after restart)
  • Correction of configuration loss in case of an update
  • Bug fix of doubled service events when reaching the SMS limit
  • No call reception in case of 4G connection when selecting a network automatically
  • Unnecessary restart during writing/reading remote connections
  • Error while forwarding SMS
  • Mobile app output control
  • Correction of 2G-modem card support
  • 2G 4G sound quality and DTMF signal transmission
  • PC time synchronization: time setting remains the same after restart
  • In case the module cannot synchronize the system time, it still sends SMS and initiates calls