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Pager 7

The new member of our well-known product line – Pager 7 – has brought revolutionary changes in functionality. Besides desktop application, a new opportunity is provided for comprehensive usage and setting, thanks to the smartphone application. Pager 7 is a freely configurable, flexible controller system, which operates based on event-action assignment. This system makes it possible to configure the module without any restrictions, which results in the widest range of application areas. For the purpose of easy configuration, some installation templates have been built in, therefore with the appropriate template, the expected operation can be reached within seconds. The new Pager of TELL offers an easy and quick installation!

Events: input, relay, alarm, system, zone, partition, sensor
Actions: notification, relay control, call management, status management

Main features

  • Freely configurable event-action pairs
  • Active desktop, configurable as you wish
  • 3G based communication
  • Assigning security cameras to zones
  • Displaying and recording pictures of cameras assigned to zones, in case of alarm event
  • Multiplatform desktop application (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • Multiplatform mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
Pager 7 explanation

Application areas

  • Independent alarm system functions
  • Surveillance functions by assigning IP camera pictures
  • Communicator for appliances with dry contact outputs
  • Controlling electric devices
  • Sensor and status information queries