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IP Bridge Pro 3G

With the application of IP Bridge, the remote monitoring of diverse security and IT systems can be accomplished. IP Bridge is not solely a communicator for burglar and fire alarm systems, but can be applied as an independent system monitoring device as well. The module warrants an outstanding level of security, since the IP communication channel is supplemented by 3G mobile Internet. As a unique innovation, IP Bridge is able to store and forward the pictures of IP cameras which operate on the same network. It records the camera pictures and assigns them with the event that triggers reporting to remote monitoring stations, thereby providing a simple and quick option for looking up and reviewing events at any time. The alarm events and the belonging pictures are forwarded and displayed by the system in a predefined way: e-mail, TMS remote monitoring software and in the IP Bridge smartphone application. A long-time storage of the recorded pictures is ensured by using an FTP connection.

Events: alarm, system, input, sensor
Signals: notification, remote monitoring station, call management, relay

Main features

  • Emulated phone line output
  • LAN/3G based IP communication
  • User interface available via smartphone application
  • TEX / TELLMon / SIA IP protocol support
  • Transparent serial port support
  • Storing pictures of security cameras and recorders, assigning events to them 
  • VoIP based voice call and SMS notification
  • E-mail sending
  • Radius server support
  • NTP server support
  • Assigning remote modules to each other for output controlling
  • HTTP / HTTPS connection
  • FTP / SFTP connection
  • Built-in web server for configuration
  • Router supervision
IP Bridge explanation

Application areas

  • Burglar alarm and fire alarm systems
  • LAN / 3G communicator
  • Remote programming of alarm systems
  • Remote monitoring of devices with dry contact outputs
  • Independent communicator
  • IP based control module
  • Router supervision
  • Solution for remote communication between various devices via transparent RS232 interface