HUGO Display

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  • Package weight
    0.20 kg

Communication device with a display and with touch buttons for the easyTRACK II BASE and easyTRACK II FULL modules that can be mounted into the driver’s cabin

Main Features:

  • Real-time feedback on the Hungarian road toll
  • Possibility to set the number of axles in use
  • Sending message templates to the easyTRACK system
  • Receiving messages from the easyTRACK system

Application area:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management

Technical specification

  • Operating temperature
    -20 ºC - +75 ºC
  • Supply voltage
    5-30V DC
  • Current consumption (standby)
    4.6mA @ 12V DC; 3.3mA @ 24V DC
  • Current consumption (maximum)
    50mA @ 12V DC; 30mA @ 24V DC
  • Current consumption (nominal)
    27mA @ 12V DC; 15mA @ 24V DC
  • Dimensions
    106x59x27 mm
  • Weight


  • easyTRACK II BASE Connectivity
  • easyTRACK II FULL Connectivity

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