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  • Product ID
  • Package size
    265x200x50 mm
  • Package weight
    0.53 kg

Main features:

  • GPRS data transfer
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Web interface
  • Connectable to car alarms
  • Programmable through USB and IP

BASE version functions:

  • RPM monitoring from alternator star point
  • RPM monitoring from alternator power terminals - using interface
  • Data inputs: F1, F2, TEMP (fuel probes, temperature sensors)
  • Outputs: POWER OUT (for accessories)
  • CAN Adapter support 

Technical data:

  • Transmission frequency:
    GSM 900/1800/850/1900 MHz
  • Supply voltage:
    10-28 VDC
  • Current consumption:
    Nominal: 120mA
    Maximum: 500mA
    Standby: ≈[email protected]
  • Operating temperature:
    -20°C - +70°C
  • Dimensions:
    82 x 125 x 40mm
  • GPS antenna dimensions:
    50 x 38 x 17mm
  • Weight: 200g

Characteristics of the system:

  • Visualization and logging of position and route
  • Separation of business/private vehicle usage
  • Evaluation of speed, parking, trip duration, etc.
  • Sends SMS with actual vehicle position and traffic data
  • Actions taken the effect of events:
    - forwards car alarm signals to monitoring station
    - sends SMS to the user’s phone
  • Independent alarm functions: position change monitoring at stopped engine, alarms triggered by contact inputs

Operational options

  • Web server service - www.easytrackmap.com
  • Individual server for monitoring station
  • Web-based visualization on Google Maps™ surface
  • Private POI management, speed and fuel diagram, route report, vehicle uptime report, refueling report
  • Low operational costs

Application area:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management

Technical specification

  • GPS receiver dimensions
    50x38x17 mm
  • Frequency band
    900/1800 MHz
  • Operating temperature
    -20 C - +70 C
  • Supply voltage
    10-28 VDC
  • Current consumption (standby)
  • Current consumption (maximum)
  • Current consumption (nominal)
  • Dimensions
    82x125x40 mm
  • Weight
    200 g


  • CAN Adapter connectivity
  • Diesel Sensor connectivity
  • easyFCL connectivity
  • easyFMS connectivity
  • easyRPM Monitor II connectivity
  • easyTEMP connectivity
  • Individual alarm functions
  • POWER OUT output
  • Sending position and traffic data in SMS message
  • Position and route vizualization and recording
  • RPM detection from alternator star-point
  • Evaluation of speed, parking, duration of journey, etc..

Effect of events

  • Forwarding of vehicle's alarm system signals to monitoring station
  • Sends SMS to the user's phone
  1. If I am not using the vehicle, will the device not merge the battery?

    In the module, you can parameterize that how long should it take from turning off the ignition to battery saving mode. In this mode, the power consumption is a lot less.

  2. Is the easyTRACK device harmful to your health?

    It has the same effect on health, than any other mobile phone.

  3. The device is not connecting to the GPRS net. Why?

    Check the APN settings, the power supply and power requirements of the module, as well as the GSM antenna connection and signal strength.

  4. The module sends a long line of continuous letter / sequence SMS message to the SMS forwarding featured phone number. What is the reason for this?

    This phenomenon happens when you do not receive a regular SMS (text) to the phone module, but some kind of a multimedia message (MMS photo) or some other encoded message (for example, encoded Cyrillic letters with accents or other capitalization). An industrial phone module is not able to handle this, that's why the mentioned letters/sequences are converted into Unicode form and are forwarded to your phone (depending on the size of the message 1 MMS can be received in 3 or 4 SMSs). Please note that in this case there is no problem with the device itself, but this phenomenon is caused by the above-described reason. If this occurs regularly, there is a good chance that it is an advertising / marketing message sent by the service provider, which can only be stopped by either asking the service-provider not to send such messages to this given phone number or by turning off the message forwarding function (in the settings: delete the SMS forwarding phone number), if this function is not absolutely necessary.

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  • easyTRACK II v2-11 User manual EN 16-08-2012
    2012.11.09 2.73 MB Download
  • easyTRACK II v2-14 Installation manual EN 12-02-2014
    2014.02.12 2.35 MB Download
  • easyTRACK II connection diagram EN
    2014.06.23 208.39 KB Download
  • easyTRACK II programming software (USB)
    2013.04.23 1.80 MB Download
  • easyTRACK II CE
    2012.11.15 613.50 KB Download
  • easyTRACK II firmware v2-31 EN
    2017.11.10 1.03 MB Download
  • BootloaderX3 EN firmware upgrade utility
    2012.11.15 1.77 MB Download
  • Bootloader drivers
    2011.11.15 5.34 KB Download
  • Firmware upgrade instructions
    2012.11.15 952 bytes Download
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