easyRPM Monitor II

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  • Package size
    170x40x30 mm
  • Package weight
    0.20 kg

Optional engine RPM interface for easyTRACK II BASE and easyTRACK II FULL devices.

Main features:

The interface module detects engine revolution signals from the power terminals of the alternator, and provides an output signal proportional to the real engine revolution. By using easyRPM Monitor II,  effective working hours, idle time and journey time can be evaluated in the uptime report downloadable from the easyTRACK web interface, just as average fuel consumptiond for journey and working, if a fuel probe is also installed in the vehicle/machine. Its primary purpose of use is to determine the operating status of machinery.

The easyRPM Monitor II interface is to be installed only if there is no star-point output (usually marked with “W”) on the alternator in the given vehicle/machine. If there is such an output there, then is no need to install this interface, as the star-point can directly be connected to the “RPM” input of the easyTRACK II device.

Application area:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management

Technical specification

  • Supply voltage
    10-28V DC
  • Dimensions
    60 x 35 x 20mm
  • Weight
    200 g


  • easyTRACK II BASE Connectivity
  • easyTRACK II FULL Connectivity

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