CAN Adapter

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  • Package weight
    0.08 kg

Optional CAN adapter for easyTRACK II BASE and easyTRACK II FULL devices

The adapter makes available different data read from the CAN bus of the vehicle, which are used for reports, diagrams and event notifications afterwards.

Available CAN data (vehicle-dependent):

  • vehicle speed
  • engine RPM
  • vehicle mileage
  • total fuel consumption
  • acceleration pedal position
  • fuel level

Application area:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management

Technical specification

  • Operating temperature
    -20 ºC - +75 ºC
  • Supply voltage
    8-32V DC
  • Current consumption (standby)
  • Current consumption (maximum)
    70mA @ 12V DC; 50mA @ 24V DC
  • Current consumption (nominal)
    50mA @ 12V DC; 30mA @ 24V DC
  • Dimensions
    108.8 x 48.85 x 26.4 mm
  • Weight


  • easyTRACK II BASE Connectivity
  • easyTRACK II FULL Connectivity
  1. Why is the capacitive probe better than the flow measure and than the CAN bus system?

    The advantage for the capacitive probe is, that we can continuously monitor the actual contents of the tank.

    The flow measure can only measure the amount of fuel entering the engine, so you can only check the possible imposition from the tanking accounts and the consumption data.

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