Dualcom SIA IP 4G

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Product Models:

  • Product ID
  • Package size
    230x160x35 mm
  • Package weight
    0.40 kg

Communicator for fire alarm control panels that converts contact input events to SIA DC-09, TELLMon or TEX format and sends them to the alarm monitoring receiver through IP channel on mobile GPRS network.

Main features:

  • Contact controlled communicator
  • 4G/3G/2G communication
  • SIA DC-09, TELLMon and TEX protocols
  • Parallel usage of two independent modems
  • Communicates directly with the receiver
  • Reporting to up to 4 IP addresses, meaning 2 primary IP addresses per network
  • 6 NO/NC/EOL contact inputs
  • 6 configurable relay outputs
  • Supervision message with configurable interval of sending for automatic supervision of transmission channels
  • Supported operating system: Windows 10


  • It can be used for any control panel which has contact outputs or the contact outputs can be obtained with relays. Using this device, the input events are sent to the monitoring station’s IP receiver over the GPRS network, using SIA IP protocol based on ANSI/SIA DC-09-2007 standard, TELLMon or TEX protocol.
  • No need for a central server, only an end-point IP receiver with Internet connection is necessary. The device works with TELLMon, TEX-MVP and other receivers which support the SIA IP protocol specified above.
  • Possibility to separate e.g. alarm events and technical events (sending alarm events only to the alarm monitoring station, and technical events only to the technical monitoring station).
  • Due to the application of duplicated phone modules, the DUALCOM SIA IP guarantees a high security level, therefore, it is suitable for high risk signal transmission applications (e.g. transmission of fire alarm events).

Application area:

  • IP communicator for fire alarm control panels

Technical specification

  • Dual GSM (2 independent GSM modules)
  • Transmission channel
    2G / GSM
  • Frequency band
    850/900/1800/1900 MHz @GPRS
  • Operating temperature
    -20 ºC - +70 ºC
  • Supply voltage
    12-30V DC
  • Current consumption (maximum)
    400 mA @ 12 VDC, 200 mA @ 24 VDC
  • Current consumption (nominal)
    110 mA @ 12 VDC
  • Casing
    None (PCB)
  • Terminal connector design
    Mounted on the panel
  • Dimensions
    116x100x25 mm
  • Weight
    280 g


  • Contact inputs
  • Configurable inputs (NO/NC)
  • EOL inputs
  • Adjustable input sensitivity


  • Relay outputs


  • IP-based reporting to monitoring station

Supported protocols

  • SIA IP DC-09 protocol
  • TELLMon protocol
  • TEX protocol


  • Programming method
    USB / IP
  • Programming software

Remote monitoring

  • Monitoring station IP addresses
  • Individual reporting to monitoring station

Other functions

  • Configurable internal Contact ID event codes
  • Built-in internal clock
  • Dual SIM management

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  • DUALCOM v3 EN-HU-DE Quick Start Guide 24-04-2020
    2020.04.24 1.23 MB Download
  • DUALCOM v3.03 Manual EN 16-09-2020
    2020.09.16 3.15 MB Download
  • DUALCOM Programming software v3.3.1 (3145)
    2020.09.29 18.68 MB Download
  • Declaration of performance
    2019.01.04 611.22 KB Download
  • DUALCOM Leaflet EN
    2013.02.21 709.91 KB Download
  • DUALCOM Firmware v3.3.0 (7848, EXE - USB)
    2020.04.30 965.00 KB Download
  • DUALCOM Firmware v3.3.0 (7848, TF3 - USB/IP)
    2020.04.30 984.09 KB Download
  • DualCom_bluext24 (BootLoaderUpdate It is required when upgrading from v2 to v3!)
    2019.01.23 240.25 KB Download
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